(Cipete) Toodz House

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So, last Thursday, i went to Toodz House with my friends for a little celebration of my birthday. It is located at cipete. The plan was to arrived there at 6pm so some of my friends could buka puasa (Iftar) together, but unfortunately the traffic was crazy. We arrived there around 7pm. That’s why, i make this as an excuse for taking less and kinda blurry pictures, hunger problems, you know.  lol :p

The place was sooo homy, it really felt like home. And there is smoking area inside. The place was quite small, really really just like a house. The food was affordable and also delicious, the price was included tax. The food won’t costs you more than 50k. The drink costs around 20-40k, still affordable.

this is more or less of the place.
anyway, this is the only table that fits up to 10 people.

From all food that we ordered, i only got a chance to capture the plater, my food, and my boyfriend’s food. My friends were crazily hungry and can’t wait anymore – i know the pain dude. lol. So here it is ;

Carbonara Platter ; consists of chicken fingers, fried mushrooms, sausages, chicken wings, and french fries with carbonara dip. I ordered this as a starter , we ate them in less than 2 mins – i guess. Everything was delicious! I also love the dip soo much!

Carbonara Rice (with classic breaded chicken) ; so they told me that carbonara rice is their favourite menu. So i decided to ordered it, but i kinda regret that i choose breaded chicken – or katsu as my topping. I should’ve choose dory or something else. I just think the chicken made it too ordinary. The carbonara itself was good, but i like the carbonara sauce in the carbonara platter better. But this is delicious and worth to try.

Sirloin Mushroom Penne ; 3 of my friends ordered this, me myself think that it was the most interesting name in the menu, but i decided to order their favourite one and my boyfriend ordered this. The sauce was amazing. It was creamy and too delicious to be described. lol. But unfortunately the sirloin was overcooked – i guess, too well done. I think we were supposed to request for medium well instead for a tender one.

carbonara rice (38,5k)
sirloin mushroom penne (48k)
carbonara platter (48k)

I should say that overall of my eating experience was satisfying. I definitely will come back – if i shouldn’t deal with traffic.

That’s all my review for today. Please kindly follow my blog and leave comments if you have any recommendations or need any information.

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Jane ❤

Toodz House
Alamat: Jalan Cipete Raya No. 79, RT. 7/4, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Telepon:(021) 75904015


Pollostacko – Unique Burger

Hi peeps!

I am so excited to share my new favourite food! Pollostacko ,a chicken bunless burger. I think the concept is very unique and well i really love it!

the crispy chicken substituted the buns, with melted mozzarella cheese, egg, smoked beef, tomato, lettuce and tasty sauces inside. yum.

I really love the chicken. It was very crispy and tender, the cheese inside was heavenly delicious, melted and bursting into my mouth, i choose bbq & cheese as the sauces and well, undoubtedly delicious. The price for one pollostacko is 35k, which i think is kinda pricey but its worth! since it was really delicious and its enough to made me full enough, i simply addicted and want more. And btw, you can pay for some extra toppings, i added extra egg and mozzarella cheese.

If you’re interested, you can check our their instagram , i think they accept delivery by gojek. Just check out their instagram to keep updated.

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Jane ❤

instagram : @pollostacko
line : @zvw2348g
phone : 08176556865

(PIK) Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar

Hi Peeps!

First of all, i wish all of you (especially for the moslems) a happy and peaceful fasting month!

Today’s post is about dessert! Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar , Pantai Indah Kapuk. The service was quiet nice and friendly, the place was also comfy and minimalist.

Latteria is located in parallel with that famous noodle restaurant ; Ikkudo Ichi!


They only sell ice cream (gelato) and offer around 20 unique flavours. For example, from what i’ve tried yesterday : say cheese , my-lo , and raspberry sorbet. Since I’m a big fan of sour things, i really loved the raspberry one. The sweet one was nothing special, but my friend loved it! The gelato(s) also came in cute colours! ❤


I think is place is worth to try! It’s also quiet cheap and reasonable with enough portion. The price : 38k for 2 flavours, 50k for 3 flavours, and 63k for 4 flavours. Oh, the price was included tax.

That’s all for my review today! Please leave comments if you think you need more information about Latteria or even restaurants @PIK.

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Jane ❤

Latteria Dessert and Gelato Bar
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 39, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

(PIK) Sushi Sen – Japanese

Hi Peeps!

It’s me again! And welcome to my very first review!

This review is about this Japanese restaurant called SUSHI SEN located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. I went there for lunch today, and it was my 6th/7th visit. I can say Sushi Sen is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant ( I’m a big fan of Japanese food! ).

Please note that this restaurant is close from 2 pm – 5.30 pm.

It’s quiet easy to find, in a parallel to Waterbom Jakarta, next to that famous dessert shop ; BC’s cone.

I quite love the ambience that really have the taste of Japan, like the wooden things and decoration. It’s quite good to take pictures there (lol). The restaurant was quiet serene, and they played chill songs.



Now, let’s discuss what i ordered ;

Well, i suggest you guys to come for lunch (11 am to 2 pm) since they offer lunch set like the pict above. You’ll get rice, miso soup, salad, chawan mushi and fruits (this offer only applied for some items). If you come for dinner, you only get ala carte – with the same price.
Saikoro Steak (88k)
Gindara Teriyaki (128k)
Salmon Skin (38k)

Both saikoro & gindara are my top choices among all, my favourites.

The saikoro steak is a cube-chopped beef with butter sauce that tastes like heaven, the meat is crazily juicy and tender, and its only 88k – i think its really worth the money, lol.

The gindara teriyaki is also.. dabomb. The gindara is so soft.. and the teriyaki sauce completed the taste. I think the price is quite reasonable compared to other Japanese restaurants.

Last, the salmon skin is so crunchy and well, i couldn’t describe much – but i like it the most than any other salmon skin(s) i ever tried. Even sometimes it’s too salty.

Fyi, i heard some of my friends and cousins said that they were disappointed with the sushi (they said the sushi tastes horrible & expensive). I never tried the sushi before, but i am beyond satisfied with the set menus. So maybe if you’re interested to come here, try the set menus or the special menu. I also have tried Special Gyu Don with onset egg and garlic chips (88k) – and well, nothing’s wrong, i liked it.

Well, thats all my reviews for Sushi Sen.

See you on my next post peeps! ❤


Jane ❤

Sushi Sen 
(021) 22512669
Address : Bukit Golf Mediterania Kapuk, Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 1, Pademangan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta


Hi peeps,

Let me introduce myself first, my name is Jane Ferrinka, or simply call me Jane. I was born in Jakarta, but currently live in BSD-Tangerang. I am an undergraduate marketing student at Prasetiya Mulya University.

The name “bullybelly” itself came to my mind from my interest of eating. I eat all the time that actually “bully” my belly – fat , what most girls say.

coz food, ya so damn sexy.


So, what i’m gonna share in this blog will not only about food or restaurant reviews, but also about my dailies , since i want to make this blog as my “online diary” – everything is digital nowadays. Also, my skill in photography is really really..  well, undoubtly poor. And in my opinion, to be a food-blogger really need that photography skill, that’s why i’ll just mix my post with my dailies ❤

I hope all of you could enjoy my posts! See you on my next post peeps!


Jane ❤